Prior to appointment in the IR residency program, residents will complete a clinical year in general surgery at UAMS. Get more information on the general surgery program.

Once the clinical year is fulfilled, the resident will complete three years in diagnostic radiology and the final two years will consist of primarily interventional radiology training. Residents are allowed two elective months (one month in the R4 year and one month in the R5 year). Residents may choose to do their elective months at UAMS, CAVHS, or ACH. They may also elect to rotate at Baptist Ft. Smith in Ft. Smith, AR with Dr. Clint Wood. The goals of this rotation are to develop advanced knowledge and skills in vascular diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional procedures, particularly those related to peripheral arterial disease.

Click on the link below to see a sample block diagram for the Interventional Radiology residency.

IR Residency block diagram (Excel file download)


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