We take one categorical resident into our program each year. These individuals generally come from medical schools within the United States.

  1. All applications for PGY-1 positions in the program are accepted through ERAS.
  1. The application deadline is December 1 of each year. A completed application includes a standard ERAS application, a medical school transcript, a medical student performance evaluation, USMLE scores, a personal statement and at least 3 letters of recommendation (preferably one from an IR clinician). Applicants selected for an on-campus interview will be invited via email.
  1. Selection for interviews are made based upon the following criteria:
    1. Academic performance in medical school
    2. Interpersonal and communication skills
    3. Motivation to pursue a career in interventional radiology
    4. Past work/volunteer experience
    5. Publication experience
    6. Research experience
    7. USMLE performance (Step 1 average= 244 and Step 2 average= 251)
    8. A commitment to complete the entire residency program
  1. Candidates must meet UAMS institutional requirements for appointment as a resident physician.
  1. Candidates are informed of terms and conditions of appointment in their interview invite email as well as by hardcopy at the time of interview.
  1. All PGY-1 positions are offered in the NRMP match. PGY-1 positions unfilled in the NRMP match may be filled in the NRMP SOAP process.


For further information, contact Lacie Covington at (501) 686-6912 or lfcovington@uams.edu.