The Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR) program enables the DR program to offer an ACGME-approved IR curriculum that will allow DR graduates to receive credit for the first year of a two-year independent IR program. R2 DR residents in good standing may apply for the ESIR program and up to two residents may be appointed each year. Applicants should submit a current CV and a personal statement describing career goals and personal practice philosophy to the IR/DR Program Director by May 1st of their R2 year.

Selection decisions will be based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • ACR In-training exam scores
  • Milestone evaluations
  • Conference attendance
  • Faculty evaluations of performance on all rotations
  • Research experience as demonstrated on CV (citations will be verified)
  • Career interest as expressed in the personal statement
  • Professionalism and communications skills demonstrated throughout training and during the personal interview with the IR/DR program director and faculty

After all applicants have interviewed, the IR/DR program director will seek input from the DR PD and associate directors, as well as the IR and DR Clinical Competence Committees. Final selection decisions will be made by the IR/DR PD and IR faculty. Decisions should be announced by June 1st. ​