We produce GREAT radiologists. Our program boasts a 100% pass-rate for the American Board of Radiology Core Exam. Our faculty enjoy teaching residents in the reading rooms. The volume and variety of cases you will be exposed to will prepare you to practice anywhere in the country. We have radiologists who are prominent in every subspecialty, and, because they get to know you so well, will write letters for you and help you network in your chosen field.

In addition to our didactic curriculum – morning and noon conferences every work day – we teach basics of the business of radiology and leadership development. We participate in monthly journal clubs. We use unique online modules, including a Nuclear Authorized User License Preparation Course, and standard curricula like RSNA physics and professionalism modules. We also support attendance at the 4-week American Institute for Radiologic Pathology course, a crown jewel of radiology education and one of the most efficient uses of educational resources that exists in all of graduate medical education. The department will also support your participation in national radiology meetings. Last year, residents at all levels of training gave research presentations at the major radiology meetings including RSNA, ASNR, SIR, and ARRS.