Teaching our residents is a priority, and we have developed a dedicated lecture series for R1 residents to introduce key topics in radiology.  Taught by engaging, dedicated faculty and R4 residents, the lectures take place twice a week throughout the R1 year.  Lectures follow reading assignments and are reinforced with small group discussions in an interactive, encouraging environment that allows for personal, positive feedback. The R1 lecture series enables greater understanding to enhance resident learning and growth.

UAMS also provides e-anatomy, StatDX, and Radprimer for your entire residency, to help prepare you for the CORE exam as well as your clinical responsibilities.


What our residents have to say about the R1 Lecture Series:

“The R1 lecture series has been immensely helpful to me, as someone who had very little experience with radiology prior to residency. It is tailored for R1 residents and provides an open environment solely for our R1 class to ask questions and work through cases. I love that it is material geared specifically towards us and covers all the basics. I look forward to them every week!” 

-Joyce Joseph, R1