Radiology Residency

Photo of Roopa Ram M.D.
Roopa Ram, M.D.
Program Director
Photo of Alysia Johnson
Alysia Johnson, MPA
Program Coordinator
Photo of Dr. Chung
Hui-Yong Chung, M.D.
Associate Program Director
photo of Dr. Lewis
P. Spencer Lewis, M.D.
Associate Program Director
Thank you for your interest in the Diagnostic Radiology residency program at UAMS. Our large volume of imaging studies (well over 500,000 per year), wide variety of pathology, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated faculty make this training program an exceptional educational opportunity for residents. Our program is a 5-year categorical program that includes an integrated clinical year followed by 4 years of diagnostic radiology training. We will offer 7 positions in the upcoming match.

The mission of the UAMS Diagnostic Radiology residency is to train a diverse group of diagnostic radiologists who are capable of entering private practice immediately upon graduation and/or successfully completing fellowship training at the program of their choice.

Our graduates will be:

  1. ABR eligible with skills and appreciation for lifelong learning.
  2. Patient advocates who are dedicated to serving diverse populations.
  3. Team-players with a strong work ethic.
  4. Capable of handling high volumes with a positive attitude.