We comply with ACGME requirements that all residents and fellows engage in at least one scholarly project and publish or present their results at an institutional, local, regional, or national meeting. Options include laboratory research, clinical research, analysis of disease processes, imaging techniques, or systems-based practice, depending on the resident’s individual area of interest.

Faculty mentors help residents, fellows, and medical students develop their own research ideas or participate in on-going, faculty-led projects, linking trainees to scholarly activity appropriate for each trainee’s interests and abilities. Basic research principles, including critical thinking skills, project design, evaluation, and presentation are integrated into the core curriculum and targeted to individual needs.

Financial support and resources are available for research by residents, fellows and medical students.


Barnhard Medical Research Endowment In Radiology

Medical Research Endowment in Radiology established in honor of Dr. Howard J. Barnhard, Professor and Chairman of Radiology from 1960-1973. Professor Emeritus Barnhard retired from practice in 2011, but maintains his commitment to radiology research through this endowment which awards seed grants for promising research projects by our residents and fellows. Any resident or fellow may submit a written summary of a project and projected budget to the UAMS Radiology Research Advisory Committee for consideration of funding.


Travel Awards

Financial support for travel expenses is provided for residents who formally present their research in poster or podium format at national meetings. Many radiology societies offer travel awards support trainee participation in national meetings, and we assist residents and fellows in application for these stipends.


The Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award

Awarded by the RSNA in recognition of accomplishment in radiologic research performed in an ACGME accredited program. We nominate one deserving recipient for this award each year.


Honors In Radiology

UAMS College of Medicine Honors Program for academically superior medical students who perform original health sciences research. Research projects must be of six months duration, with preparation of a manuscript acceptable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal and poster presentation of the results (national meeting or the UAMS Student Research Day). Students who satisfactorily complete the requirements are designated as Honors Graduates on their College of Medicine transcripts, and their diplomas include the phrase “With Honors in Research.” Faculty sponsors provide research space and supplies.


Research Resources In Radiology

  • Access to UAMS Translational Research Institute
  • Animal Angiography Lab
  • Animal Models (rabbit stroke, rat/rabbit liver tumor, rat/guinea pig vascular occlusion)
  • MicroPET Lab
  • Philips 3T MRI at the Psychiatric Research Institute (PRI)
  • Radiology Cell Biology & Molecular Biology Support Labs
  • Radiology Cyclotron & Radiochemistry Lab
  • Radiology Image Analysis Lab
  • Research MRI Lab
  • Searchable Hi-IQ Data base of > 90,000 clinical IR cases
  • Simulation Center with access to Standardized Participants
  • Writing workshop tailored to individual needs