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Active Projects

Student / Resident Name Faculty PI Name TitleDescription / status
Looking for studentMollie MeekRedesigning the Interventional Radiology Mortality & Morbidity conferenceIn planning stages.
Looking for student or residentMollie MeekQualitative research project about perceptions of conflict of interest among interventional radiology physiciansIn planning stages.
Looking for residentsPhillip KenneyExtended Adrenal Case ReportTo include: adrenal cavernous hemangioma, adrenal histoplasmosis, traumatic adrenal injury with active bleeding (from adrenal), very atypical adenoma, calcified myelolipoma. Also perhaps more routine things like RP paraganglioma, adrenal hematoma, classic adrenal carcinoma.
Students / Residents / Post-Docs neededXiawei OuImpacts of nutrition and obesity on children’s brain developmentUSDA-funded study at Arkansas Children's Hospital, see: for more details.
Students / Residents / Post-Docs neededXiawei OuEffects of prenatal opioid exposure on children’s brain developmentNIH funded study at UAMS/ACH, part of the NIH Healthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) study.
Students / Residents / Post-Docs neededXiawei OuMaternal Obesity and Offspring Neurodevelopment: the MOON studyNIH funded study at Arkansas Children's Hospital. The goal is to understand how maternal obesity affects offspring brain structural and functional development.
Kyle StandifordGitanjali BajajImaging findings in abdominal manifestations of multiple myelomaIn planning stages
Sanaz AmeliTerry AngtuacoWhy don’t medical students choose radiology?
Survey to senior med school class – 26 responses that were very telling. Planning an intervention to educate (2h) pre-clinical med school classes in April. Discuss about 7 cases.
Kyle JacksonLyle Burdine
James Meek
Liver cancer - Y90 embolization and contralateral lobe hypertrophy for metastatic resection - UAMS experienceIn planning stages
Rebecca Minner (graduated)
Olivia Ray
Mollie MeekWhy female students choose / don’t choose a specialtyResults presented but not published yet.
Zach Schwartz (graduated)
Natalie Phelan
Mollie MeekMechanical Thrombectomy of TIPSDraft Case Series
Sandra ScrogginsMollie MeekLEAN project regarding MRI workflowIn planning stages
Dhruba DasguptaMollie MeekHHT in pregnancyIRB in progress
Kaley Ferguson
Mollie MeekLung Cancer ScreeningIRB in progress
Mallory HeftMollie MeekWas SARS-CoV-2 Unknowingly in Arkansas Before March 2020?IRB approved, awaiting data from AR-CDR
Jackson MosleyJames MeekLiver Cancer
Dakory LeeMollie MeekIntracranial Hemorrhage Morphology AlgorithmIRB approved, data requested from AR-CDR
Maddie ShawMollie MeekIntimate Partner ViolenceIRB being drafted
Andrew Buchan
Logan Scott-Kirchen
Mollie Meek
Pulmonary ThrombectomyIRB approved, published abstract and oral presentation, manuscript in progress
Greg Malyutin Mollie Meek
Paracentesis in an Outpatient ClinicManuscript in progress
Mathieu Sabbagh Mollie MeekCase Report: HHT and melorheostosisManuscript in progress
Brad GriffittsMollie MeekLiver TransplantManuscript ready, looking for journal target

Taylor WittMollie MeekNanopillar Catheter CoatingReached out to U of A for Material Science collaborators
Abby Hertzog
Nathan Taylor
Zain Alfanek
Mollie MeekHead & Neck CTAsIRB approved, chart review done, abstract submitted to EAST.
Also on team: Marty Radvany, Avi Bhavaraju
Nicole Mercier
Scott Fleck

Mollie MeekHead CTManuscript submitted to AJNR in July 2020
Reed Shelton
Zoe Crystal
Terry AngtuacoMarshallese population; high no-show rate to imagingPatient education materials in native language? Might pursue through Center of Health Literacy
Kaley FergusonKevin Wong Mandibular Case SeriesLiterature review in progress.
Nayanatara SwamyGwendolyn Bryant-SmithMale Breast Cancer ScreeningManuscript ready, being submitted to Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. If rejected, will try Public Health Research and Practice.
Bradley GriffithsJeff Lynch
Emmanuel Giorgakis
Hepatic Artery Thrombosis after Liver TransplantUnder review at Annals of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery.
Liza Hill Arabinda Choudhary Pediatric Abusive Head TraumaIRB returned to address questions.
Also on team: Rangarajan Purushothaman, George Vilanilam, Raghu Ramakrishnaiah, Linda Deloney, Karen Farst
Rangarajan PurushothamanGitanjali BajajAlignment is everything; The Kinematics, Imaging Findings and Management of Carpal InstabilityAbstract accepted to RSNA
None neededRoopa Ram, Gitanjali Bajaj, Kedar JambekarLIRADS - Treatment response- Role of imagingReview article for Seminars in Radiology
Nayanatara SwamyRoopa RamHow well do you know the pelvic floor anatomy?Abstract accepted to RSNA
Akshaya JagadaleRoopa RamAnkle Arthroplasty: Imaging findings of changing implants & emerging complicationsAbstract accepted to RSNA