June 18, 2018

New CT scanner in the ER

The Department of Radiology is happy to announce the installation of our new CT system that will be the second scanner in the Emergency Room at UAMS.  This new CT is a Canon (Toshiba) 320 slice scanner, has an 80cm opening with a 650lb weight limit. As comparing the current system the 64 slice scanner has a 70cm opening and a 450lb weight limit.  But the key most amazing innovation is the speed on the rotation and the post processing of data that include sub-second imaging of the brain in less than 8 seconds and scans of the heart in one rotation and one breath hold.  The computer will process 80 images a second and the post scan automatic reconstructions will greatly enhance the ability to act quickly to improve and better maintain the stroke population for time standards that we work to achieve. The physical installation time will range from 7-10 days and with proper training the Technologists will be using this system soon to meet our increasing scan requests.