Students gathered around a table.A variety of elective radiology courses are offered for senior medical students. All electives are 4 weeks in length and are generally available July through May. Enrollment is limited to assure a positive learning experience. Interested students should consult the course director prior to enrollment. For general questions about the electives, contact Donna Ashlock.

If you are a student in another medical school who is interested in visiting UAMS for an elective rotation, you must apply through the College of Medicine. Further information, including requirements for visiting students, contact information for the senior year coordinator, and rotation block schedules, please review the College of Medicine “For Potential Visiting Students” web page.

Diagnostic Radiology

Course Director: Gwen Bryant-Smith, M.D.
Course Coordinator: Donna Ashlock
Fundamentals of diagnostic radiology including radiographic anatomy, basics of plain film interpretation, applications and limitations of various imaging modalities, indications for imaging in specific diagnostic workups, correlation of various imaging modalities, and basics of radiation biology and protection through clinical observation/participation in the procedures and interpretation of plain film, CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and VIR.

Course #: URADJ
Max students: 10

Diagnostic Imaging

Course Director: Lance K. Runion, M.D.
Overview of diagnostic imaging procedures including nuclear medicine, ultrasound, MRI, and CT, presented primarily as case material. Students are able to explore diagnostic imaging developments in the literature, in conjunction with the clinical material available.

Course #: URADH
Max students: 4

Pediatric Radiology

Course Director: P. Spencer Lewis, M.D.
Radiographic evaluation of common pediatric chest and abdominal problems, plain film interpretation of congenital heart disease, and radiographic evaluation of newborn respiratory and abdominal disease. Students are exposed to normal variations in pediatric skull and long bones, learn indications for radiographic procedures, and receive an overview of pediatric Nuclear Medicine, CT, Ultrasound, and MRI.

Course #: URADI
Max students: 2

Radiation Biology Research

Course Director: Michael J. Borrelli, Ph.D.
Familiarizes the student with the active areas of research in radiology and introduces the student to some of the techniques of radiology research. Allows the student to design and conduct experiments in specific areas of radiation.

Course #: URADK
Max students: 3

Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Course Director: James Meek, D.O.
Course Coordinator: Jay Walker, RPA
Provide the interested student with an introduction to the subspecialty of interventional radiology or allows the student choosing to specialize in radiology an additional opportunity to gain clinical experience.

Course #: URADN
Max students: 2

Nuclear Medicine PET Service

Course Director: Fathima Fijula Palot Manzil, M.D.
The enrolled medical student will gain an understanding of the basic principles of positron emission tomography (PET) and its interpretation. The student will learn about the role of PET scanning in health care delivery and in research, as well as knowledge of when to apply PET scanning in patient care. In addition, the rotation will introduce the student to areas of promising PET research in the fields of oncology, cardiology, neurology, and infectious diseases. At the conclusion of the rotation, the student will have an excellent overall understanding of the PET imaging subspecialty of nuclear medicine.

Course #: URADP
Max students: 1