Welcome to Interventional Radiology (IR) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The IR faculty, fellows, residents, nurses and technical staff represent a diverse group of individuals who are keenly focused on improving the lives and health of Arkansans and those from neighboring states and countries who come to our institution for care.

IR Exam room with Radiologists and Radiology technologist

We believe in the power of focus. We are dedicated to our mission and we are individually and collectively committed to our vision.

We support the University through our dedication to the education of residents, fellows and students, through our commitment to our patients and referring physicians and through our research efforts to help improve and more clearly understand the nature and treatment of disease and the delivery of health care.

We practice in world-class facilities that in total offer 1,200 beds of patient care exposure, the region’s only level one trauma system, the hub of stroke care and intervention, not to mention our role in supporting world renowned programs in myeloma and neurosurgery.

We are responsible for training the next generation of interventional radiologists, and to ensure that our general radiology graduates have requisite skills to provide low-level interventional care to patients across the region and country. Interested medical students may come to interventional radiology either through a dedicated and fully integrated interventional radiology residency or through accomplishing a traditional radiology residency followed by a 12-month formal fellowship.


Mollie Meek, M.D. – Chief / clinical bio

Ruizong Li, M.D. / clinical bio
David Strain, M.D. / clinical bio
Erin Priddy, M.D. / clinical bio
James Meek, D.O. / clinical bio
Jay Walker, RPA